Tips for a Wedding in Tulum, Riviera Maya

Tips for a Wedding in Tulum, Riviera Maya

Tulum Wedding

There are several reasons why people keep choosing Tulum in the Riviera Maya, Mexico as the ideal destination where to say “I do”. Weddings in Tulum have become a huge trend, by offering beautiful turquoise beach, exclusive tropical scenarios, private and secluded locations and top hotel services. Weddings also come along with a honeymoon in Tulum hotels  at almost half of the price than in the United States. Here you will find some useful information on different topics to plan a Wedding in a beach in Tulum.

In Tulum, at the Riviera Maya, Mexico there are many wedding coordinators/ wedding planners. Their mission is to offer you a personalized, professional and complete  service for your wedding.

Whether you prefer a simple and private  beach for your wedding in Tulum or a sophisticated one, these kinds of agencies feature a team of professionals specialized on wedding planning. They take care of the accommodations for you and your relatives in different hotels in Tulum, the rehearsal dinner location or welcome cocktail, the wedding ceremony, food, music, cake, judge and traveling logistics. There are even some that organize other type of wedding celebrations such as gay weddings and nude weddings in exclusive locations on the beach in Tulum. You will also have the option of choosing between a Tulum Mayan wedding or a traditional civil wedding on the beach.

Tulum Mexico Weddings Judges/ Justice of the Peace: If you want your Tulum wedding to be officially recognized you need a Justice of the Peace. Justice of the Peace is often called on to perform marriages in which the participants don’t have a religious belief. The Judge or Justice of the Peace carries out the wedding at any location such as hotels and restaurants. At the end of a Tulum civil wedding he grants a certificate that is legally recognized in other countries such as USA, Canada, France, England, Scotland, Ireland, and Germany among many others. This is a formal ceremony and the Tulum wedding requirements which are all the same in Mexico are not as many as we may think.

Religious Wedding Services in Tulum, Riviera Maya, Mexico: In Mexico, religious figures do not have the power to legally marry couples, so keep that in mind if you want a legal wedding in Tulum, in the Riviera Maya or any other place in Mexico. The only person who can perform a legal wedding ceremony is the local Justice of the Peace, who can come out to the beach to perform a legal ceremony that can also be combined with a religious or spiritual ceremony before or afterward. Catholic weddings can only take place in the Tulum parish located downtown Tulum, Riviera Maya.  If you belong to a specific church or religious group and would like a religious figure to preside over your service, there are some alternative religious ceremonies for a wedding in Tulum, Riviera Maya that will attend to the place you choose as your wedding venue such as a Christian (non-denominational) Pastor, Tulum symbolic ceremonies and Celtic Ceremonies.