Turtle Nesting Season in Tulum Beach

Turtle Nesting Season in Tulum Beach

Turtle Nesting Season

 If you want another good reason to visit Tulum, in the Riviera Maya, Mexico here it is…from May to October it is Turtle Nesting Season! Every night, after the sun comes down, the amazingly huge mother sea turtles amble slowly up the beach, dig their holes and lay their eggs. It’s a truly spectacular sight which can be seen at most sections of Tulum beach.

Tulum beach and all along the Caribbean coast of Mexico are nesting grounds for two endangered species of sea turtles: the Loggerhead (Caretta caretta) and the Green sea turtle (Chelonia mydas). After mating at sea, mother turtle swims to shore and digs with her flippers to lay her eggs and she covers them with sand.  Then she crawls back to the surf zone and swims out to the Caribbean sea. Baby turtles hatch after 50 or 60 days from the nests and struggle to make their way through the sea. 

To witness such event in a beach of Tulum,  is an amazing experience, but if you happen to miss turtle season, The Centro Ecologico Akumal (CEA) offers weekly slide presentations about sea turtles conservation programs and turtles nesting season including addition printed material. For the past four years CEA has been actively participating in the sea turtle protection programs to protect some of the nests of eggs in the long stretch of beach from Akumal to Tulum.

Environmental care is a rising concern and everybody’s responsibility; all of us can help on the turtle conservation purpose. Here is a quick list of things you can do when you visit Tulum beach to help the  sea turtles reach their goal. They will appreciate it!

1. Don’t make campfires on Tulum´s beach. Sea turtle hatchlings are known to be attracted to the light emitted by campfires. They crawl into the fires and die.

2. Avoid flashlights and flash photography; it may cause mother turtles to abort their nesting attempts.

3. Minimize beachfront lighting during sea turtle nesting season in Tulum, by turning off, shielding, or redirecting lights. You can close the blinds and drapes in oceanfront rooms to keep your indoor lighting from reaching the beach.

4. If you encounter a turtle on Tulum´s beach remain quiet, still, and at a distance. Otherwise, the frightened turtle may return to the ocean without nesting.

5. Leave any tracks left by turtles in every Tulum beach undisturbed. Researchers use the tracks to identify the turtle species and to find and mark the nests for protection.

6. Remove your gear (lounge chairs, cabanas, umbrellas, boats, toys, etc.) from the every beach in Tulum at night. Their presence can deter nesting attempts and interfere with the journey of the hatchlings.

7. After a beach day in Tulum, properly dispose of your trash. Turtles mistake plastic bags, Styrofoam, and trash floating in the water as food. If they eat it, they will die when this trash blocks their intestines.

8.  Celebrate events without helium balloon releases. Like trash, balloons end up in the ocean, and sea turtles mistakenly eat the balloons and die.