Tulum Hotels-Stylish Beachfront Retreats

Tulum Hotels-Stylish Beachfront Retreats

Tulum Hotels

When you visit Tulum, in the Riviera Maya,  Mexico, you don´t have to worry about staying overnight. You can find Hotels in Tulum for all budgets, from the most standard accommodations to luxurious eco-friendly suites. The zone of hotels in Tulum Zone features small boutique hotels, tropical retreats for backpackers, five-star all inclusive resorts and beachfront cabins surrounded by lush tropical vegetation.

The most common style of hotels in Tulum is a legendary Cabaña, which is a rustic, thatched roof independent villa located right on Tulum´s beach. Most hotels in Tulum offer healthy and relaxed ambiences featuring natural therapies such as yoga and meditation classes, and the ultimate Asian, Mexican and vegetarian cuisine blends.

 In general, the Zone of hotels in Tulum is a very tranquil candlelight getaway, situated parallel to the beach, where most hotels are nestled in dense jungle and unspoiled patch of sand, resembling a lost Mexican Caribbean paradise rather than the hot trendy beach destination than a Tulum, in the Riviera Maya,  Mexico. 

Private terraces, master suites, platform beds draped with sheer netting, rooms lit by candles, spas with ocean views, beach parties, eco-resorts, romantic bungalows, tropical gardens and white sand beach make Tulum, a quiet oasis for families, couples and single adventurers. 

There are many options when choosing a Tulum Hotel such as beach hotels, downtown hotels, hotels in Tulum surrounding areas and houses for rent which are also divided in the following star rated facilities:

2-Star Hotels in Tulum are cheap rate hotels only covering basic needs.

3-Star Suite Hotels in Tulum are ideal for business travel, extended stays or family vacations, which include house amenities like kitchenette, microwaves, silverware and more.

4-Star Boutique Hotels in Tulum provide comfortable accommodations with a unique atmosphere at an affordable price. Amenities include beachfront rooms, restaurants and garden patios.

5-Star Luxury Hotels/Resorts offer upscale facilities such as a spa, gym, swimming pools and entertainment including service oriented amenities for weddings and special events.