A Tulum vacation is a great experience

A Tulum vacation is a great experience

The white sandy beach of Tulum delineates the deep blue of the Caribbean Sea, inviting its visitors to discover the wonders of the Riviera Maya.

Immersed into the dense jungle of the Riviera Maya, there are several archaeological sites that bear witness to an amazing ancient civilization, “the Maya.”

Tulum Mayan ruins, solemnly stand on a cliff. Visitors can see the sunset from the top, enjoying a splendid view of the Caribbean and take a plunge in the beach.

In Tulum, Mexico you can also go to pre-Hispanic city’s oldest and largest state east of the Yucatan, “Coba”. From the top of the pyramid Nohoch Mul, one of the highest in the Maya World, you can see the lush jungle and the placid lakes that in the past served to supply water to its inhabitants.

They are also still some Maya Trails called “Sacbes” (the longest, 100 km) which connected to Tulum Ruins to other major cities. In Cobá were found serveral stelae with calendar dates that tell the story of this city founded in 600 AD and occupied until the fifteenth century.

On Tulum area and surroundings in the Riviera Maya, Mexico you can dive or snorkel in more than 30 explored cenotes (sinkholes) and caves, these are activities that attract most tourists who come to spend their vacation in Tulum, since underwater, prevails peace and calming silence together with the solemnity of the stalactites and stalagmites that decorate the caves, leaving its visitors bewildered and giving them moments of reflection.

 At a short distance from Tulum, in the Riviera Maya, Mexico  outstand the theme parks Xcaret and Xel Ha, with a range of fun attractions and environmental activities. Both are a good example of sustainable development that is taking place in the region.

Tulum, south of the Riviera Maya, Mexico  is an exciting adventure for every traveler who wants to enjoy the tranquility of nature and tradiction and the rich history and culture of the country.

At Tulum Beach, there are many surprises that amaze visitors. During the month of October, large colonies of blue crabs from the mangroves cross the sea to breed, creating an unbeatable entertainment for lovers of nature.

During the summer, huge sea turtles come to Tulum beach to spawn. It is advisable not to attend this event to not interrupt the cycle of turtles. During this time, environmentalists monitor Tulum beach to protect nests and hatchlings. The release of thousands of baby turtles is a unique experience that attracts children and adults around the world, year after year.

A few meters from Tulum Beach, there is a mysterious world of coral reefs, home to thousands of underwater species, which can be discovered by scuba diving or snorkeling.

A  Tulum vacation is  ideal  for souls who like bohemian music, dance, or enjoy delicious regional or international food under the stars.